The World’s Worst Photo!

Avoid taking the worlds worst photo with these Photography tips by Emma:

1: Take photos facing the sun and in open shade outdoors and use window light for when you’re indoors. Avoid taking photos with your back to the light as this will leave your face with unflattering shadows.

2. When taking a selfie, hold the camera above you and pointing down slightly. Taking photos from below your face is very unflattering on your face and features.

3. Look for interesting backdrops for your photos… coloured walls, brick walls, gates, graffiti… and if you’re taking photos indoors then wrapping paper and wallpaper can make a great alternative!

4) Use a tripod to enable to take photos of your and your partner/family/friends. Tripods are a very very handy piece of equipment to own. They are also great for night photography as they prevent camera shake.

5) Ensure you sit/stand up straight, relax and drop your shoulders before taking a photo, for a natural and flattering pose.

6: Invest in a decent camera! Mobile phones are well and good but if you’re going to be taking photos regularly and you’re looking for high resolution, professional photos to print and keep then definitely look into buying a decent camera. Look for a ‘DLSR’ – Canon are the brand I love and have always used.

7) Ensure your camera is straight when taking a photo. Your photo should show what your eye can see, therefore horizon lines should be straight or straightened afterwards in post.

Are you looking for more tips? Leave your questions in the comments below and join my Photography Facebook group.

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