How To Make Your First Impression Count

It takes just 7 seconds to make a first impression so make yours count with unique and professional headshots for your business or industry.

In todays digital world 85% of consumers are using the internet to find a local business to meet their requirements. It is a well known fact that consumers do not just buy the product, they buy the person behind the product too, they buy from someone who is trustworthy and friendly. Professional headshots that reflect your personality are a fantastic way to show potential customers the face behind the brand and will make them more likely to buy from you.

Catch the eye of your potential customers with a headshot that makes them look twice and stands out from the typical headshots you see everywhere else! Social Media, particularly Instagram is very popular today and also very visual! You can use this to your advantage by posting a personable headshot with a short description introducing yourself as the face behind your brand to engage with your followers. The same goes for Facebook and LinkedIn!

That’s not all! These headshots can be used on your business cards, marketing materials, blog, dating profile and I can even turn them into a personalised banner for your website and/or social media. The opportunities are endless!

If you’re looking for a professional yet unique headshot that reflects your personality and is different to the typical ‘Corporate’ style headshots seen today, then contact me for my current prices.



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