Mother’s Day


Today is Mother’s Day in the UK, so I thought I would dedicate this post to my beautiful mum, Gina.

My mum is the type of person who can get along with almost anyone, she does a lot for other people including her family and friends and will always help someone that is need. At the same time my mum speaks her mind and doesn’t take any shit (I wonder who I get this off… haha) so if you want an honest opinion then you can always rely on my mum to give you one and if you messed up she will call you out on it. When me and my siblings were growing up my mum and dad worked so hard for what they had and for us, we never went without anything and always had a holiday, we were really lucky.

Back when I used to have stalls at events my mum would come along and help me set up and stay with me to help throughout the entire day. I used to work full-time whilst running my business and sometimes I couldn’t get to the post office before it shut so my mum used to do the post runs for me, she would package parcels if I was too busy, buy shopping for me If i couldn’t get out in time and has generally just been there to support with everything.

One of the things I’m regularly asking my mum to do is be my lighting model, ha ha! I am always trying out new equipment or lighting set ups so my mum is my guinea pig for all of these. I thought I would finally share these photos with you during this blog post, you can see these below.

In today’s busy world it can be easy to expect our mums and family members to be there all of the time, but life is so unpredictable that it is important to appreciate them and show gratitude for the things they do. Today I had some beautiful flowers sent to my mum which were put together and sent by the lovely Julie Wedge at Flower-Shed. These flowers were white lilies and roses, my mums favourite and I asked for some glitter to be added to the petals, which Julie did beautifully. I also purchased my mum a sterling silver diamond crucifix necklace, some pretty heart earrings and a personalised photo card. Here are some photos of the beautiful flowers:



I hope you are having a lovely Mother’s Day whatever you are doing and if you love these photos of my mum check out my photography website:



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