Professional Make Up Tips For Your Photoshoot

You’ve booked your photography session, you’ve chosen what you are going to wear, now what about makeup?



I am often booked to apply makeup for clients who are going to have their photographs taken professionally and so I thought I would provide a few of my top tips to consider if you are going to apply your own makeup.


Consider the Overall Look 

There’s no need to feel like you have to wear a lot more makeup than usual or go for a different look, ultimately you just want to look the best version of you. You will want to be able to look back on these photos for years to come, so timeless makeup is the best option. I suggest that you go for the sort of natural every day look you would usually go for. If the photoshoot will include photos where you are wearing some more glamourous clothes, then ask for these photos to be taken last so that you can add extra makeup if required, such as a brighter lip or more eye definition, to add more drama as you may do for an evening out.

Beware of Flashback

Some products, particularly foundations (e.g. Estee Lauder Double Wear) and under eye products (e.g. YSL Touche Eclat) contain ingredients that provide ‘flashback’ when using flash photography. This can make the skin appear much lighter in the areas that these products have been applied, so it is important to check the products that you will be using beforehand. Generally, foundations with a higher SPF are known to cause flashback.

Eye Definition is important

A simple eye look can be very effective so don’t feel that you need to create a complex eye look using lots of eyeshadow. Even just a subtle line of eyeshadow, or smudge of eyeliner along the lash line together with mascara can provide the extra definition that will look great in photos.

Colour Pop

Even though your blusher/bronzer looks beautiful in real life, sometimes the photography flash may lighten the appearance of the skin and reduce colour, so it’s good to ensure you have colour in your cheeks to stop the face from looking flat. A slightly stronger/bolder lip colour can also ensure that your features still have definition. This could still be your usual lipstick but maybe apply a little more than usual, or colour the lips first using a lip liner.

Check it out

In this digital age, we are now able to see immediately how our photos look. Just before the shoot starts, ask your photographer to take a test shot, so that you can see how your makeup looks on camera and you can make any tweaks before getting into the shoot.

Most of all, allow plenty of time so you can enjoy the whole process of getting ready and having your photos taken, have fun! 🙂


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